US Technology Services Sector, Competitive Intelligence Data, 2023

Unlock 2023’s Competitive Insights: US Technology Services Sector Data

Dive deep into the US Tech Services Sector with our 2023 data. Analyze 604 US companies, forecast market sizes, and stay ahead of the competition—your key to informed decisions.

  • Sector – Technology Services
    • Industries – Packaged Software, Internet Software/Services, Information Technology Services, Data Processing Services
  • Country – US
  • Companies Covered  – 604
  • Deliverable – MS Excel File

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Unlock the Power of Competitive Intelligence Data

Dive deep into the US Technology Services Sector with our 2023 Competitive Intelligence Data. This comprehensive dataset offers data for 604 leading United States companies, providing information to aid informed decision-making, strategize effectively, perform market research, or stay ahead of the competition

  • Comprehensive Industry Analysis & Market Strength Indicators

    Understand the landscape with data on each company's sector, industry, and number of employees. This data empowers you to gain insights into the dynamics of various industries and evaluate a company's market position with metrics like Market Capitalization and price-to-earnings ratio (TTM) (%). These indicators show a company's relative strength against its competitors

  • Aid Revenue Insights and Forecasting

    Harness the power of data points like Total Revenue (FY), Net Income (FY), Gross Profit (FY), and Revenue (Annual YoY Growth). These metrics enable you to forecast market sizes, build revenue models, and understand the market's growth trajectory

  • Detailed Margin Analysis

    Delve into the financial health of companies with metrics like Gross Margin (FY), Operating Margin (FY), and Net Margin (FY). This data aids in building market models, performing industry margin analysis, and comprehending how companies generate revenue

  • Estimate and Forecast Future Growth Potential

    Assess the potential growth outlook with metrics such as 6-month Performance (%), Yearly Performance (%), 5Y Performance (%), and more. This data will help provide a comprehensive view of the market's future trajectory and potential opportunities

US Technology Services Sector, Competitive Intelligence Data, List of Data Points

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the data sourced, and how do you ensure its accuracy and reliability?

Our data is meticulously sourced from country-specific stock exchanges and the companies’ financial filings. We prioritize data integrity and have a rigorous validation process to ensure our information is accurate and reliable. Our commitment is to deliver trustworthy insights to support your strategic decisions.

Given companies' diverse financial years and reporting timelines across different countries, how frequently is the data updated?

Industry Informant Inc. is committed to delivering timely and accurate data. For countries with higher demand, we update our competitive intelligence data quarterly. We ensure updates at least once a year for other regions, especially where data acquisition might be challenging. This approach ensures our clients can access the most recent and relevant information, irrespective of the country of interest.

How does Industry Informant Inc. prioritize which countries to update quarterly and which ones annually? Are there opportunities for clients to request more frequent updates for specific countries?

We understand the importance of having the most current data for business decisions. If you’ve purchased a dataset and believe an update might be warranted due to the time of the financial year in a specific country or the recency of the data already present, please let us know. While we aim to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date information, aligning with the diverse filing timelines of companies across countries can be challenging. However, we’re committed to ensuring you have the most relevant data, and we’ll evaluate each request on a case-by-case basis to determine the feasibility of an update. Your trust and satisfaction are paramount to us.

How comprehensive is the Competitive Intelligence Data, and does it cover all significant players within the specified industry and country?

Our Competitive Intelligence Data is meticulously curated to ensure a comprehensive view of the specified industry within the chosen country. While it encompasses the top and leading players, it also uniquely captures many smaller entities. These smaller entities, often overlooked due to their size or the region they operate in, can offer invaluable insights. We believe in providing a well-rounded perspective, understanding that sometimes the most crucial information can come from these lesser-known contributors.

How does Industry Informant Inc. price the competitive intelligence data?

Industry Informant Inc. employs a dynamic pricing model for its competitive intelligence data, ensuring our customers receive the best value for their investments. Several factors determine our pricing:

  • Number of Companies Covered: The depth and breadth of data vary, and so does the price. Datasets covering more companies have a higher price point due to the extensive research involved
  • Data Procurement Difficulty: Information from specific regions or sectors may take more work. Our prices reflect the effort and resources required to gather this data, ensuring its accuracy and relevance
  • Industry Sector and Region: Data needs can differ based on the industry sector and geographical region. Our pricing considers the specific demands and complexities of each industry and region
  • License Type: We offer different licensing options, from single-user licenses to multi-use licenses, allowing multiple users from the same organization to access the data

Industry Informant Inc. is committed to providing top-notch competitive intelligence data at an economical cost. Our pricing model ensures you receive comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date information that offers a high return on investment.

What is your refund policy for the Competitive Intelligence Data I purchase?

Conditional Refund Policy:

At Industry Informant Inc., we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction and trust. While we stand by the quality and accuracy of our competitive intelligence data, we understand there may be unique circumstances where a refund is sought. Given the digital nature of our products, we offer a conditional refund policy as outlined below:

  • Partial Refund: If you encounter technical issues downloading the data or find significant inaccuracies in the content, you may be eligible for a partial refund of up to 50% of the purchase price. The exact refund amount will be determined based on the nature of the issue
  • Refund Window: Refund requests must be made within seven days of purchase. Requests made after this period will not be considered
  • Proof of Issue: Customers must provide clear evidence of the technical issue or inaccuracy to request a refund. This evidence could be in screenshots, error messages, or specific examples of inaccuracies in the data
  • No Refunds for Change of Mind: Refunds will not be issued because a customer has changed their mind or no longer needs the data
  • Limitations: Each customer is limited to one refund request per product. Multiple customer refund requests for the same product will not be entertained
  • Processing Time: Once a refund request is approved, please allow up to 10 business days for the refund to be processed and reflected in your account
  • Final Decision: Industry Informant Inc. reserves the right to decide on all refund requests. We aim to be fair and reasonable and ask our customers to do the same

By purchasing our competitive intelligence data, customers agree to the terms of this refund policy. We encourage customers to contact our support team with any questions or concerns before purchasing.


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